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Marko’s Library December 23, 2009

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Name: Marko Simonen

Country: Finland

About the library: Half of my books are fiction, novels and such. The rest of the books are of fine art, photography, graphic design and of various kinds of arts and crafts. I need to get more vitrines since I love books and keep buying them all the time. And then I arrange them by color. 😉

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Debasish Som’s Library October 30, 2009

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Name: Debasish Som

Country: India

About the library:
My library is housed in one entire floor of my house and has books only on Digital Communication, Physics and Mathematics. There are some books on Economics and Management. The total number of volumes will be around 5000. My collection of Digital Communication is probably the best collection of books on the subject in India.

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Eleonora Arroyo’s Library July 18, 2009

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Name:Eleonora Arroyo

Country: Argentina

About the library: This part of the library is dedicated to books of art, graphical design and children’s books.

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Aries’ Library

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Name: Aries

Country: Singapore

About the library: My library (this picture was taken a couple years ago), which occupies one whole room in the house with more and more books stuffed into plastic containers simply because my bookshelves can hold any more. I own mostly manga (around 4000+), children picture books, books about books, occasionally some Chinese and English fictions and non-fictions.

There’s a webiste too : which I try my best to update the lists, just to keep track and help me to remember what books I’ve already purchased to avoid from buying double copy.

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Karissa Kaye Rodillo’s Library

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Name: Karissa Kaye Rodillo

Country: Philippines

About the library: This shelf hangs at the side of my room, it’s a bit crowded so some of my book are on top of my dresser. These are all fiction books. I hope to put up bigger shelves in my room, for my growing book collection.

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Luahiwa’s Library

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Name: Luahiwa

Country: United States (Hawaii)

About the library: My bookcases were built by my mom and step-mom as a Christmas gift back in 2002. Made of knotty pine, each case is 8′ tall x6′ wide, which spans 12′ wide behind me. My mother also made the picnic table you see in front, which is what we use as our dining table, which I consider the two greatest gifts they could have ever given me.

My books are arranged and sectioned by topic, which includes my 19th century print editions, oversized reference books, economics, personal finance, children’s books, Hawaiian language literature and Polynesian bible collection (Hawaiian, Maori, Rarotongan, Tongan, Samoan and Tahitian). Oh, my husband gets a shelf and each child gets one, too, with baskets to hide their stuff (the table is in the way of that view).

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Mazze Reimbertsson’s Library

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Name: Mazze Reimbertsson


About the library:
I have a big problem, can’t throw any books away. . . keep having to buy bigger apartments.

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Diana and Rodrigo Camacho’s Library

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Name: Diana and Rodrigo Camacho

Country: Mexico

About the library: We are putting it together after five years of moving from one city to another (and countries as well). It looks like we have settled down now. Our library now includes only about 800 books mostly non-fiction. We love books and try to read them in their native language, so our library includes books in spanish, english, russian and some French as those are the language we can read…

Library Picture:

Diana and Rodrigo Library


Tracy’s Library

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Name: Tracy

Country: United States

About the library: My library is my comfort zone, holding books and objects that give me good feelings. Most of the books are focused on what it is to be human – psychologically and spiritually. I particularly like the information developed by Carl Jung and Joseph Campbell about symbols in culture, religions, and dreams. My fiction is fantasy and science fiction.

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Anita Ann’s Library August 19, 2008

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Name: Anita Ann

Country: United States

About the library: We are just starting to put our library together. These are eight of the nine bookcases we currently have. At this time most of our books are children’s or religious. It is a work in progress organizing them.

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