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JV’s library July 14, 2007

Filed under: India — Kim @ 12:23 am

Name: JV

Country: India

About the library: My library is my gate to escape from reality to fantasy. I dont know who said “books are your best friend” but I can vouch his statement.

Library picture:


2 Responses to “JV’s library”

  1. kimbooktu Says:

    Love the neatly organized idea of the cupboards with glass doors. Love the fact that there are too many books for them even more!

    (Hope you will get your additional space soon! Want me to start a petition? Haha.)

  2. glauber Says:

    jv, ton bibliotheque c’est trés sympa.ou bresil, on n’es des meuble adequadt pour livres dans le marché est tres cher d’attacher des bons meubles…
    je resté curieuse de voir une photo de cet maison au dehors.
    j t’envoye des embrasses de bresil

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