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Kim’s library July 14, 2007

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Name: Kim

Country: The Netherlands

About the library: My home library is a room on its own. Note that our apartment only has three rooms. It doubles as our dining room and my ‘office’. On the right, which you cannot see, there is a fireplace (not working) with a mirror above it. Some of our friends fiend the wall with books in dark wooden book cabinets overwhelming. I think it has a bit of a wow-factor to it.

Library picture: (better one to come…)

Kim's library


6 Responses to “Kim’s library”

  1. Kristy Says:

    I would love to eat dinner in this room….so long as I could read at the table. 🙂 Very cozy room….it’s inviting.

  2. ans luiken Says:

    Hoi Kim,
    Dat ziet er wel supergezellig uit zeg, met die erker en zo. Heel sfeervol en ik ben beniewd wat er allemaal in die kast staat.
    veel groeten van Ans

  3. ans luiken Says:

    ik bedoel “benieuwd”. Ik ben Ans die opmerkte dat er in de NRC over je site geschreven werd.
    Gaat het allemaal naar wens met je site?
    heel veel groetjes hoor en ik hoop dat je wittebroodsmaanden goed verlopen zijn tot nu toe.

  4. […] also click here to e-mail me about the bookcases directly. (You can also see them in ‘action here and […]

  5. […] I posted a picture of my library, it was on Kimbooktu’s sister website Click here to see what my library looked like on July 14 2007. Back then, we still lived in our apartment and […]

  6. Bill Says:

    One way to deminish the overwhelming presence of the library is to make the shelves and cases a light color – perhaps the same color as the walls. This also showcases the books themselves, allowing them to blend their own colors and textures to the room decor. Works best in smaller rooms.

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