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Martin’s library July 15, 2007

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Name: Martin

Country: Netherlands

About the library: This is one wall in my home that is completely covered with book cases. I have two rooms completely filled with books. The book cases you are looking at, contain my Boudewijn Büch library. (He was a Dutch writer, TV personality and traveler. He died in 2002, aged 53.)

The case on the left contains all the books he has written or contributed to, the three others are filled with books from his personal library which was auctioned two years after his death. (He owned an amazing 100,000 books!). Emphasis in my library: travel books, geography and history. With a special taste for (leather) bound books and luxe editions, signed copies etc. At the moment I own 3,731 books. Since 2004 I’m buying about 500 books per year, so I have to move to a new house in a year or two… Don’t tell my wife! 😉

Look inside the library here:

Library picture:


6 Responses to “Martin’s library”

  1. kimbooktu Says:

    The sign on the wall says it all: Een heel huis vol. A house full of it. And so it is. A very nice place to be, as it seems. Would love to sit in that read chair (almost bought one too!) and browse.

    The globe is great too. It that the sort of one that keeps liqueur bottles? Then I would like it even more 😉

  2. Erin Says:

    Oh I just love this, so cozy!

  3. Martin Says:

    Thanks for the nice words. And yes, the globe holds bottles of wine and liqueur and glasses 😉 The chair is really marvellous, I always read there at 5 AM before going to work and at night before going to bed.

  4. patricia Says:

    I love this room. Very warm and inviting. And I’m so very jealous that you have that beautiful big globe! I have a fascination with those old standing globes, but can’t afford them, and besides – I really have no room for such a treasure.

    I do have a small version of almost the same globe in my library picture – it’s sitting on that little table, next to that standing red book.

  5. kimbooktu Says:

    I got Martin’s text later. I said only to give me a line or 5. Martin has exceeded that, but I loved the story. I do not collect Buch, but have always been an admirer of his library. Especially his deep love for Goethe and the thinks he managed to find of this writer.

    Martin: congrats on being able to buy books from his collection. I could not afford to go to the auction at that time.

  6. Debra Lynn Says:

    Wonderful library.

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