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Kristy’s library July 16, 2007

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Name: Kristy

Country: United States

About the library: My husband and I recently bought our house. This is the first time we’ve lived in a house together. So this room is now holding all the various bookshelves I used to have all over our former apartment. I own over 1100 books now. I also have a recipe book collection that’s housed elsewhere in my home that numbers around 75. The other side of the room is an office space. So when facing that area all you can see is a home office. It’s like the best of both worlds in the room. I wish it was prettier but the room gets a lot of light and is a great place to be.

p.s.  The little red chair is my little dog Chloe’s chair…she sits there when I read. 😉

Library picture:


6 Responses to “Kristy’s library”

  1. kimbooktu Says:

    What a great room! I love the fact that your dog sits in that little read chair. (Too cute, being a dog owner myself.) I am glad you mailed me this as a PS, since I was wondering about this tiny chair!

    Why do you have your books flat, I ask myself… Isn’t it easier to have them vertical?

    (I love the big K’s by the way, since my name starts with it too.) And the floor… I wrote you about it. It it so shiny! You must put in a lot of effort to keep it like that!

  2. Kristy Says:

    Flat creates more room….I don’t really have enough room for them all. I need more shelves. Someone also recommended I organize them by color, this would be lovely if I could just stop reading long enough to organize. 😉

  3. kimbooktu Says:

    No! Do not organize your books by color! When your collection grows, it’s pain to find the book you need.

    I have mine in categories and some categories alphabetized. Works great.

  4. Erin Says:

    I dont have the bookshelves I need either, so don’t feel bad. Do you sit in the rocking chair to read? That is so adorable about the dog’s chair!

  5. Kristy Says:

    Yes I do sit in the rocking chair to read…not always as we have many rooms in our house. It’s just nice to finally have a real place for books to be put away. Chloe is a doggie that has never chewed on a book in her life….very well behaved min pin.

  6. kimbooktu Says:

    My dog is very well behaved like that as well. But the cats… That’s a different story. I often find books on the floor in the morning.

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