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Lee’s Library July 21, 2007

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Name: Lee

Country: United States

About the library: After my last move, I finally got most of my books in one place along one wall of my bedroom. This is a photocollage of the five main bookcases. Just in front is a tall stacking bookcase holding art books. Next to that on the bedside table are what I’m reading now. A smaller stacking case next to my desk holds writing reference books. My cookbooks and food porn live on the baker’s rack near the kitchen. I keep a collection of books about decorating and New York by the front door. Of course, there are always stacks on the floor too. I also make books, so that’s always adding to my collection too.

Library picture:


6 Responses to “Lee’s Library”

  1. kimbooktu Says:

    You make books?! What do yo mean?

  2. Lee Kottner Says:

    I’m a book artist, so I make my own books, too, in addition to buying them compulsively. I’ve just started getting into it, but I’ve made a couple of little pamphlet stitched chapbooks, a set of four accordion bound editions; a hardcover edition of 100 (with a friend) called “Stories from the Ruins: 16 Poems about 9/11”; an edition of 25 called “Border & Frontier” with a poem by Carlos Schroeder, and I’m doing another edition of 15 of his poems too, called “The Body is As Solid As the Thought That Holds It In Place,” but that won’t be out until sometime in the fall.

  3. Erin Says:

    My, that’s a lot of books.

  4. Kristy Says:

    food porn….teehee…

  5. kimbooktu Says:

    @ Lee: wow. Sounds great. I’m looking for a book binding course near my city. Good luck with your new book! Let me know when it’s out!

    @ Kristy: I would call it my newly learned phrase: book porn!

  6. KMW Says:

    Wow – I find the combination of dark wood bookshelves and the bright blue walls really striking. It’s lovely!

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