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Sally’s Library July 22, 2007

Filed under: Australia — Kim @ 6:33 pm

Name: Sally

Country: Australia

About the library: 

My library/study is the small 3rd bedroom in our house. What you see is about 2/3 our book collection – the rest in in other book cases throughout the house. I have been busy cataloguing everything on In this room I have got about half way through. Thus the books on the right hand side are quite orderly, even if doubled up, and the left hand side – from about half way along the facing wall – is a mess. The bikes will have to move sides for the job to continue!

Library picture:


3 Responses to “Sally’s Library”

  1. kimbooktu Says:

    First reaction: WOW!

    My god that’s a load of books in a small room! That’s overwhelming. I love the sort of mania that seems to go on in there. A bit of a nutty professor sort of thing.

    I would love to lock myself in there and alphabetize for a couple of days. I love to do that. (And the bikes! Glad you are going to put them somewhere else.)

  2. Sally Says:

    kimbooktu: Sadly, the bikes have to stay. JUst move from side to side as the job requires.

    The books are all sorted into categories, and I can put my hands on what I want when I want it. I spent a long time as a teacher-librarian, and grapplign with stupide shelf spaces that were never conveniently the right size to house according to Dewey. I allocate space to categories depending on stock, so France is separated from Germany on the basis of space, and Australia is in two areas – much referred to, and background reference (up higher).

    Fiction and biog get a clear-out every so often and go off to new homes, but I can’t bear to part with crime fiction.

    Country stuff generally all comes together: travel guides, history, sociology, fiction even if it is distinctively from a certain country (generally non-English speaking)

  3. Pam Says:

    “Oh My” It’s great

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