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Tammy’s Library July 23, 2007

Filed under: Canada — Kim @ 7:39 am

Name: Tammy

Country: Canada

About the library: Almost two years ago, I did a major purge of books in my house. At the end of it, over a thousand books found a new home and my bookcases were impeccably organized. Alas, time is a cruel mistress. Try as I might, our shelves — particularly the set in the kitchen, pictured here — can’t seem to help accumulating the random detritus of our lives. There ARE books, and plenty of ’em, behind all that crap, but you have to wade through said crap to get to them. Consider it a quest.

Library picture:


3 Responses to “Tammy’s Library”

  1. dioxidin2002 Says:

    Maybe messy a little bit but cozy and the books are the most important for me – not the way they are on a shelf ;] nice one

  2. paloma pabon Says:

    Oh my God. I thought it was the library of my bedroom I was watghing in the photo.
    Hello twin soul!!!

  3. Jazzgasm Says:

    What a cluttered mess! I LOVE IT!!! : )

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