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Elizabeth’s Library July 28, 2007

Filed under: Canada — Kim @ 10:54 pm

Name: Elizabeth

Country: Canada

About the library: The top shelf of books is mine. You’ll find the Winnie the Pooh collection given to me by my mother, a 1885 Bible gifted to me by a great-aunt in England in 1953 and a 1948 edition of  An Encyclopedia of World History. The other shelf is my husbands and hold some of his car and motorcycle book collection. The bookends had belonged to his father and are part of what make it special.

Library picture:


7 Responses to “Elizabeth’s Library”

  1. kimbooktu Says:

    What is in the little glass cabinets on the top shelf?

  2. Elizabeth Says:

    All my little mini cats and dogs and frogs, some old pins of my father’s ( 1920’s) and even a dried seahorse. Being under glass reduces the need to dust. *grin*

  3. Laura Vasquez Says:

    This is the kind of thing that boils my blood. You don’t really get it do you. I was looking for inspiration on how to organise my large collection of books. I don’t know where you get the nerve to call this a library. It is at best a shoe rack with takeaway menus. Only one row is yours and as for your husband he doesn’t seem like a big reader, does he just look at the pictures? Maybe he’s the one holding you back? Does he beat you because you read? Can you read?

  4. Laura Vasquez Says:

    Oh, just realised. You are Canadian.

  5. Jazzgasm Says:

    Laura Vasquez appears to be an exceptionally unhappy and unpleasant person. I feel for her the deepest pity.

  6. Debra Lynn Says:

    Laura Vasquez where is a photo of your library. Since you are so critical of others, I would love to see what your idea of a good library is. It is obvious since you are searching for library inspiration you have no friends but books because you are as venomous as a rattlesnake… Didn’t your mother ever teach you if you have nothing good to say about keep your mouth shut.

  7. Robert Wills Says:

    Elizabeth, your library may be small, but it is important to you and you have clearly been proud of it enough to post a picture of it on this site. Do not let unpleasant people like Laura Vasquez upset you. Clearly she is so eaten up by her own anger that she is unable to express herself as a normal human being. Laura, what a nasty and unpleasant piece of work you must be. Crawl back into whichever hole you slithered out from.

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