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Joo’s Library July 28, 2007

Filed under: Singapore — Kim @ 10:59 pm

Name: Joo

Country: Singapore

About the library: The shelves can be kept relatively dust free by the doors. The books are mainly Chinese and English, arranged according to genre or the language. Most of the books are about literature. I have a section on religion and science, which I find them exciting! I hope the shelves would not bend in future, as most of shelves contained two layers of books. Too many books, too little time……

Library picture:


6 Responses to “Joo’s Library”

  1. kimbooktu Says:

    Mister and Misses Mouse seem very cozy on that shelf!

  2. Joo Says:

    Yup, they are. They are accompanied by Mr Mount Fuji.

  3. kimbooktu Says:

    Never heared of a creature like that!

  4. Laura Vasquez Says:

    So you couldn’t even be bothered to move the boxes in front of your ‘library’. Are you that lazy or do they conceal your incomplete collection of Mills and Boon.

  5. Aerin Says:

    Well, it depends. Was there anywhere to move them to? I live in a small house; my “library” (all of two shelves and 400-odd books) shares my bedroom with my piano, desk, textbooks, closet, music stand, violin, guitar, bed – if there’s anything lying across my bookshelves it means there wasn’t anywhere else it could go. Besides, I don’t think those are boxes but bags. And they look heavy. Why move them for a photo shoot? After all, isn’t the spirit of this to show what your library usually looks like?

  6. joo Says:

    oh, reason is that the last shelf are all text books and photo albums, hence i dun see the point of moving the plastic bags out just to take a photo of those heavy stuff.

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