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Eva’s Library August 10, 2007

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Name: Eva

Country: United States

About the library: My collection of books is currently limited, since they must all fit in my bedroom. These are my bookshelves: the right one is nonfiction, the left one is fiction, and the middle one is a mix of genre fiction and foreign language (French and Russian) books. My nonfic is sorted by genre, then alphabetically. My fiction is sorted geographically and chronologically. Additionally, I have souvenirs from the various countries I or my family have visited and pictures of my family and places that I’ve lived. The messy shelf in the bottom righthand corner is my bookmooch inventory.

Library picture:


3 Responses to “Eva’s Library”

  1. kimbooktu Says:

    Russian books?! You read Russian? Tolstoi untranslated must be even better!

    I love the ‘onordered’ order of your shelves. Makes it look very cozy. Especially since it’s your bedroom.

    You have some beautiful pieces in your cabinets. The icons are fantastic, they seem Russian to me. Am I right? Is that some sort of egg in the right cabinet, middle shelf?

  2. Eva Says:

    Hi! I do read Russian (it was one of my majors in college), although when I read classical Russian I have to keep the dictionary near by (so many words were rendered obsolete by the Soviets). Tolstoi untranslated is definitely gorgeous!

    The icons are Russian-the one on the bookcase was given to me by my host mom in Krasnodar (I studied abroad there and in St. Pete). The egg is an ostrich egg my dad brought back from Namibia. 🙂

  3. Dagmara Says:

    Russian is a beautiful language! Dostoevski in original is marvellous!

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