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Beata’s Library August 13, 2007

Filed under: Poland — Kim @ 6:44 pm

Name: Beata

Country: Poland

About the library: The photo shows books in my bedroom (which are mine, mine and only mine ^^), my parents have a separate room for their own. The furniture is new and in the near future the armchair will be replaced. I hope that my library will grow when I go to university (heh, I haven’t finished my high school yet :P).

Library picture:


9 Responses to “Beata’s Library”

  1. belle Says:

    I’m really happy that someone from Poland has got such a beautiful library.It’s nice to know that polish people are reading much more than in past.
    Good job Beata!!
    Pozdrowienia od Oli z Polski 😉

  2. Dagmara Says:

    Nareszcie ktoś z Polski! 😀

  3. kimbooktu Says:

    @ Belle: I would like to receive more Polish libraries. Hint, hint…

  4. rolety Says:

    pozdrowienia z Polski od Jarka

  5. dioxidin2002 Says:

    A dziękuję i nawzajem ;]

  6. Mahi Says:

    O! Wypatrzyłam Pottera! Pozdrowienia 😉

  7. miro Says:

    ja tez dziekuje

  8. Pozdro dla wszystkich polaków

  9. aan Says:

    So lovely to know you keep your books kindly in small library as yours in your own room since you were in high school… I was smile when reading : (which are mine, mine and only mine ^^) How about now…. Does your library grew up? Let me know… post it please.. Beata.

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