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Dagmara’s Library August 16, 2007

Filed under: Poland — Kim @ 12:12 pm

Name: Dagmara

Country: Poland

About the library: It was supposed to be my dream library. I thought it would fit for years! Well, I was wrong. After 2 years my books started to get legs and crowl all over the place. Now they are everywhere!

Library Picture:


8 Responses to “Dagmara’s Library”

  1. dioxidin2002 Says:

    Wow, I like the type of wood that the stuff in your room is made of 😉 It makes your library cozy and really warm.

    Pozdrawiam 😀 a przy okazji, skąd dokładnie jesteś?

  2. Dagmara Says:

    I like this kind of wood too, but don’t ask me what name it has. 🙂

    Jestem sobie z Warszawy. 🙂

  3. dioxidin2002 Says:

    Buu…ja z okolic Trójmiasta 😛

  4. Elizabeth Says:

    I really like the shape and style and the glass doors to cut down dust. I would love to have a ceiling to wall unit of similar design in my computer/guest room filled with books and some of our collectibles.

  5. Kristy Says:

    I love this….

  6. mateusz Says:

    gratuluję pokaźnego księgozbioru 🙂

  7. kimbooktu Says:

    I love this library too! I love wooden bookcases, so this one stole my heart immediately.

  8. Pam Says:

    Is that a rolling ladder rail near the top??? That would be too cool.

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