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Iris’ Library October 19, 2007

Filed under: Spain — Kim @ 12:48 pm

Name: Iris

Country: Spain

About the library: The photo is one part of the library. On the other side are more shelves and a rocking chair. This chair is mostly uses by the cat, who sleeps in it.

Library Picture:


4 Responses to “Iris’ Library”

  1. iris Says:

    Hey! My home library is inside your blog?!!! Your website it’s amazing, CONGRATULATIONS!! I paste one of your banners in my blog and I hope you will receive more home library photographs from Spain…

  2. Cathrine Says:

    Hola !
    Lucky cat 🙂
    I love the colorful art behind your PC screen 🙂 !
    Enjoyed visiting your shelves.

  3. Norton Says:

    Uala tia k fort! La teva biblioteca publicada a internet! Com mola!!!! Però de tots els que veuran la imatge, pocs poden dir que han estat a casa teva xD


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