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Sonia’s Library December 9, 2007

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Name: Sonia

Country: Brazil

About the library: I love books and I love to read since I was a kid. Reading books is always a pleasure to me. I was inspired to have a library by my grandfather and he encouraged me to read at a young age. As I am a journalist, books, newspapers and magazines always be part of my life. I have many bookshelves all over my house and my library has a diversity of themes and I love to read a wide diversity of authors. I also wrote a book about the aging process, which title is “What is Old Age”. (By Sonia de Amorim Mascaro, Editora Brasiliense, São Paulo, Brazil, 1997-2004).

Library Picture:


6 Responses to “Sonia’s Library”

  1. Linda biblioteca, com o ar descontraído de quem tem livros para ler e reler, e não para enfeitar a parede!!!

  2. suzi-k Says:

    How cool! The height of your ceilings really lends itself to tall bookshelves. Are the yellow sections National Geographic? I am hooked on them too, but they sure pile up over the years.
    Is your book in English? maybe i must get a copy, after ageing is becoming a real issue for me, hehe! Will follow the link.

  3. suzi-k Says:

    ooops, I see there isn’t a link… never mind, we’ll chat via e-mail!

  4. Sonia, eu já conhecia tua biblioteca mas, não me canso de admirar e ainda vou ler o teu livro, pode deixar.
    Um beijo, menina!

  5. Cathrine Says:

    lovely 🙂 , inviting and warm
    thanks for posting about this site !

  6. Debra Lynn Says:

    Love your library….

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