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Catherine’s Library December 31, 2007

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Name: Cathrine

Country: Norway

About the library: We moved into this house a short year ago. I know we are now “home” because we have a library 🙂 ! Our library is a large part of our daily lives. We read here, books and news papers, while drinking tea or coffee. We play games and puzzles here. Our library is our “game board room”, the closed part of the shelves to the right have board games and puzzles for the children.

The sofa used to belong to my grandmother. It was given to me when she passed away. When we first moved in here I said “this wallpaper has to be the first to go”. But turns out that it was just waiting for this sofa 😉 and all my books!

And in our bedroom we have these 2 shelves. On the bottom is my TBR list. Gives me great joy to look at it and know I have these wonders waiting for me 🙂 ! On the top shelf are my husband’s TBR books (which he has asked me to stock for him), all he has to do is reach up and grab!

Library Picture:


7 Responses to “Catherine’s Library”

  1. JaneFan Says:

    This is a great library! It looks like a wonderful, cozy place to “hide out” and escape from the world. It’s great that it is so inviting to the kids and a place for family games.

  2. Cathrine Says:

    Thank you Kim for doing this 🙂 ! I love the site and am happy to be a part of it !

    Thank you JaneFan 🙂 it has become the “family room”. When one of them is given a new game they immediately put it in the library :-). Each of them has their own library in their room. But the books they share live here.

  3. Judy Says:

    Your shelves are beautiful, Cathrine – and I know they are full of lovely books for all the family to enjoy!

  4. Kristy Says:

    A library showing someone “reading” in it. This might be a first here. Very cozy looking.

  5. samascaro Says:

    Beautiful library! Looks very inviting!

  6. Massimiliano Says:

    Nice library, beautiful library, Cathrine….and a quiet, joyful, familiar, absorbing atmosphere, as well ! :o)

  7. Mohamad Says:

    Congratulation! You have a nice library Catherine. I am sure you can spend the whole day in the lovely cozy ambience.

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