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Brad’s Library January 22, 2008

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Name: Brad

Country: United States

About the library: This is about 10% of my books. I like to display nonbook items, such as an old radio, a fossil, and a bust of Mozart on the shelf with the books so that the bookshelves blend in with the room. My goal is to have a den with an old wooden desk placed in the center of the room surrounded by four walls lined  floor to ceiling with books.

Library Picture:


8 Responses to “Brad’s Library”

  1. Cathrine Says:

    sounds lovely 🙂
    as this looks 🙂

  2. Jan Brindle Says:


    You have arranged your books and collectables in an eye pleasing and interesting way.

  3. Brad Says:

    thanks Mom!

  4. Marc Says:

    I previously lived in Gloucester, Mass. where there are 2 lighthouses. I liked your photo of the lighthouse: it looks like Maine?

  5. Brad Says:

    The scale model lighthouse is of the first U.S. lighthouse. Boston Harbor 1716. The lighthouse in the picture frame is from St. Joseph, Michigan.

  6. Laura Vasquez Says:

    Brad. You are a young man, but this does not excuse your sinister plans to blend books with lighthouses. What? Lighthouses, you really need to assess what is important with a home library. Also what on earth does an old radio have to do with books? I think – maybe when have read a few more books, school will help encourage your reading – that your shelves will come along nicely. One last thing. A bust of Mozart – Mozart would bust you if he saw how sparse your books were.

  7. Brad Says:

    The lighthouses? The old radio? They have nothing to do with my books except to fill up the empty shelf space of my scant collection of literature.

  8. Debra Lynn Says:

    Brad from a decorating standpoint…I think the lighthouses and old radio look very nice with your books….

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