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Luis’ Library April 9, 2008

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Name: Luis

Country: Spain

About the library: This is my little library, well…, a little portion of my little library. I spend here all my time, all my life. Books, only books. A chaise-long, the world of my shelves, and a good book in front of me is all I need when I’m alone.

Look inside the library here:

Library Picture:

Luis send me a slightly different image of his library after this post. You can view the photo here.


7 Responses to “Luis’ Library”

  1. Cathrine Says:

    :-)) charming !

  2. Jack Says:

    A world full of voices begging to be taken from the shelfs of your library. I like the atmosphere.

  3. JaneFan Says:

    This is the most inviting library! It really seems to inspire browsing and study. What a wonderful place to get lost in a book.

  4. Luis Says:

    Thank You for the messages! I think a library is a real Patrimony…, for whole life. From the beginning to the end.

  5. Erin Says:

    Very impressive!

  6. Kerry Says:

    Superb. So inviting, so appealing. I’d love spend an afternoon reading in this space.

  7. Debra Lynn Says:

    I am impressed. Great library.

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