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Lis’ Library August 19, 2008

Filed under: Australia — Kim @ 9:25 pm

Name: Lis

Country: Australia

About the library: Here is my little library. It is housed in a old Victorian book case given to me by my mother, also an avid reader of various literature. I love Australian, British and American literature but also occasionally read some popular fiction. I gradually move the pottery collected around the world, as I add more books.

Library Picture:


3 Responses to “Lis’ Library”

  1. beautiful
    I wanna zoom in and see whats there 😉
    happy reading

  2. Love the Victorian bookcase! It does not look like the shelves are sagging at all, even thought they are relatively thin and the books are no paperbacks. I’ll admit though, that in my house the pottery collection would not have lasted very long before being replaced by a battery of books 🙂

  3. Debra Lynn Says:

    Love the Victorian bookcase. Is that a bottle collection I see?

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