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Luahiwa’s Library July 18, 2009

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Name: Luahiwa

Country: United States (Hawaii)

About the library: My bookcases were built by my mom and step-mom as a Christmas gift back in 2002. Made of knotty pine, each case is 8′ tall x6′ wide, which spans 12′ wide behind me. My mother also made the picnic table you see in front, which is what we use as our dining table, which I consider the two greatest gifts they could have ever given me.

My books are arranged and sectioned by topic, which includes my 19th century print editions, oversized reference books, economics, personal finance, children’s books, Hawaiian language literature and Polynesian bible collection (Hawaiian, Maori, Rarotongan, Tongan, Samoan and Tahitian). Oh, my husband gets a shelf and each child gets one, too, with baskets to hide their stuff (the table is in the way of that view).

Library Picture:



2 Responses to “Luahiwa’s Library”

  1. Tutu Teri Says:

    I love the library that you have created, Luahiwa!!! You are always ready to share something wonderful about your latest book or other ones that you have.

    I have enjoyed many meals, laughs sitting on your picnic table also.

    When you get more space, I will build you more shelves.

    U no who:)

  2. Fiona Says:

    I love your bookcases and what a wonderful gift from your mom and step-mom

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