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Debasish Som’s Library October 30, 2009

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Name: Debasish Som

Country: India

About the library:
My library is housed in one entire floor of my house and has books only on Digital Communication, Physics and Mathematics. There are some books on Economics and Management. The total number of volumes will be around 5000. My collection of Digital Communication is probably the best collection of books on the subject in India.

Library Picture:



5 Responses to “Debasish Som’s Library”

  1. Eda Anne Greene Says:

    Wow! What a gorgeous library you have created. I recently moved. I had one box of clothes and 68 boxes of books.

    • Debasish Som Says:

      Thanks. But 68 boxes of Books also sound pretty impressive. What is the subject of your choice?

      • Eda Anne Greene Says:

        I have varied and eclectic interests ranging from biography, poetry, old fiction, new fiction. I especially enjoy reading about other cultures and womens’ roles in other cultures. I also have a good library of vegetarian cookbooks. I rarely donate my books and never dispose of them. I still have books from my childhood as well as texts from college. Lately, I have been reading science fiction and suspense. As much as I love reading, my son does not. He has an excellent university education but does not read for pleasure.

  2. Rajarshi De Says:

    Your library is just fabulous. Just a few books on history, politics, and religion would have made it more balanced in my humble opinion.

  3. Nuno Claro Says:

    Good library remembers my grandfathers library…

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