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About Your Shelves! July 14, 2007

Wouldn’t it be great to explore the passion that binds us all? To view how each and every one of us gives shape to our hobby? To experience how we pay tribute to our well loved collections? To learn how much we are really alike?

The idea

It started off as me, wondering about your home libraries. I have always been interested in libraries, big and small. Since most of my readers have a passion for books, I am wondering what your library looks like. It does not have to be a proper library, like you see in fancy houses. It could be just a space in a room that is dedicated to your book collection. Or just the most important shelves. No matter how big or small: I would love to see it!

For me, thinking longer about it, it is something beyond books and libraries. It’ is all about love and passion and how it is important in our lives and how the basic feeling is the same for everybody. No matter who you are, where you are and what you are passionate about. I think seeing photographs of peoples passion, in this case their libraries, could be quite inspirational. I hope it also inspires people to read and see beyond the book as an object. Yes, I’m quite an idealist. (If you have your own book blog, please click here.)

What to do?

Just send one good photo of your library. Please make sure the picture is exactly 500 pixels wide if horizontal. You can add a couple of lines describing your library, but make sure it does not exceed a hundred words (or five lines in Word). Please state your name and where you are from in your e-mail. If you have cataloged your books online via LibraryThing, Shelfari or something else, please send me the link to your catalog too.

Send your photo via this e-mail link.



6 Responses to “About Your Shelves!”

  1. […] Libraries wanted! July 26, 2007 Filed under: About the website — kimbooktu @ 8:10 pm First, I would like everyone who e-mailed me their home libraries. I enjoy looking at them very much and by the looks of it, so do others. It makes me very happy that I receive a new library every day. Some days I find even more then one in my mailbox. Thank you so much for helping me with this project. (To learn more about it and my philosophy behind it, click here.) […]

  2. […] very welcome, especially if your countries is not amongst the countries I mentioned. You can click here to find out how to enter your shelves and learn more about the project. Click here to go to the […]

  3. najibah Says:

    Hi, I know about your project from an online book forum in Malaysia. Great blog and great idea!

  4. […] the pictures comming! Click here to see what to do and where to send them to. You can also go there to learn more about this […]

  5. dida Says:

    this blog is great!

  6. cade Says:

    Is your project still alive? No new activity. Very interesting

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