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Gattina’s Library January 7, 2008

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Name: Gattina

Country: Belgium

About the library: This picture shows the main bookshelf we have in our house. It is in my husband’s room and consists of books in four languages. German, French, Engish and Italian. As a German living in Belgium I have always worked for American companies that is why I read in these languages. My husband is Italian and of course reads in his mother tongue too.

Library Picture:


Freiko’s library July 15, 2007

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Name: Freiko

Country: Belgium

About the library: My library, which goes by the name of the Occam’s Razor Library (don’t ask, long story) occupies the biggest room in the house. The picture only shows half of it, though admittedly the shelves on the other walls are less filled – for now. There’s a website too: – just to keep track of it all, & help me remember what books I already bought.

Look inside the library here:

Library picture: