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Sonia’s Library December 9, 2007

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Name: Sonia

Country: Brazil

About the library: I love books and I love to read since I was a kid. Reading books is always a pleasure to me. I was inspired to have a library by my grandfather and he encouraged me to read at a young age. As I am a journalist, books, newspapers and magazines always be part of my life. I have many bookshelves all over my house and my library has a diversity of themes and I love to read a wide diversity of authors. I also wrote a book about the aging process, which title is “What is Old Age”. (By Sonia de Amorim Mascaro, Editora Brasiliense, São Paulo, Brazil, 1997-2004).

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Luciana’s Library August 6, 2007

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Name: Luciana

Country: Brazil

About the library: This is my home library. In fact, I don’t have a home library, but the books are in every room at home… But in the living room we have the most of them. There’re small shelves under the window and some shelves on one of the walls.

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