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Rodrigo’s Library August 19, 2008

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Name: Rodrigo

Country: Portugal

About the library: The particular photo features Philosophy, Classical Studies, Anthropology, Art and Music books. The painting you see above the bureau (a 19th Century piece) is Dutch (19th Century, too); the tea table is Portuguese 18th Century in dark rosewwod; the Greek bust is a reproduction; the Greek vases on the bureau are reproductions mostly (very good ones – Museum certified – at that), but there is one that is authentic.

On the tea table you can see a small collection of 16th Century books chosen because of typography. The rest of the library contains books on Biology, Ethology, Psychology, Anthropology, History of Science and of Thought, Art, some important works on Physics and Mathematics, and diverse essays; the bulk is Biology, Anthropology, Sociology and Music. It results from the conjugation of my wife library and mine. We are both Professors, as were my two grandfathers and my father. This library will be dismantled in about two years, as we are moving to the country.

Library Picture: