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Aries’ Library July 18, 2009

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Name: Aries

Country: Singapore

About the library: My library (this picture was taken a couple years ago), which occupies one whole room in the house with more and more books stuffed into plastic containers simply because my bookshelves can hold any more. I own mostly manga (around 4000+), children picture books, books about books, occasionally some Chinese and English fictions and non-fictions.

There’s a webiste too : which I try my best to update the lists, just to keep track and help me to remember what books I’ve already purchased to avoid from buying double copy.

Library Picture:



Joo’s Library July 28, 2007

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Name: Joo

Country: Singapore

About the library: The shelves can be kept relatively dust free by the doors. The books are mainly Chinese and English, arranged according to genre or the language. Most of the books are about literature. I have a section on religion and science, which I find them exciting! I hope the shelves would not bend in future, as most of shelves contained two layers of books. Too many books, too little time……

Library picture: