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Rachel’s Library September 18, 2007

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Name: Rachel

Country: United Kingdom

About the library: These are my ‘working’ bookshelves. They contain reference books for my writing on subjects ranging from 19th century doll houses to biographies of serial killers; also techniques of writing (Writers yearbook etc) and my collection of manuals for rapier, broadwatod, katana and jiu-jitsu. The top has my partner’s altar and her collection of witch dolls.

Library Picture:


Melissa’s Library July 23, 2007

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Name: Melissa

Country: United Kingdom

About the library: The photo I am sending is the ‘lovely’ half of my library. It consists of the entire collection of the beautiful Persephone books; titles by or for or about women, most of which had been out of print for decades before being rediscovered by the Persephone team (or readers). My wonderful boyfriend made the shelves, put up the wallpaper and installed the lighting because he knew I wanted to have a special place to display my collection. I love that this bookshelf says a lot about what we love! (The not-so-lovely half is on a free-standing bookshelf upstairs.)

Library picture: