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Luahiwa’s Library July 18, 2009

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Name: Luahiwa

Country: United States (Hawaii)

About the library: My bookcases were built by my mom and step-mom as a Christmas gift back in 2002. Made of knotty pine, each case is 8′ tall x6′ wide, which spans 12′ wide behind me. My mother also made the picnic table you see in front, which is what we use as our dining table, which I consider the two greatest gifts they could have ever given me.

My books are arranged and sectioned by topic, which includes my 19th century print editions, oversized reference books, economics, personal finance, children’s books, Hawaiian language literature and Polynesian bible collection (Hawaiian, Maori, Rarotongan, Tongan, Samoan and Tahitian). Oh, my husband gets a shelf and each child gets one, too, with baskets to hide their stuff (the table is in the way of that view).

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Tracy’s Library

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Name: Tracy

Country: United States

About the library: My library is my comfort zone, holding books and objects that give me good feelings. Most of the books are focused on what it is to be human – psychologically and spiritually. I particularly like the information developed by Carl Jung and Joseph Campbell about symbols in culture, religions, and dreams. My fiction is fantasy and science fiction.

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Anita Ann’s Library August 19, 2008

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Name: Anita Ann

Country: United States

About the library: We are just starting to put our library together. These are eight of the nine bookcases we currently have. At this time most of our books are children’s or religious. It is a work in progress organizing them.

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Cathe’s Library April 30, 2008

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Name: Cathe

Country: United States

About the library:
I have been building this library for many, many years and am quite proud of it. It currently takes up one entire wall of our living room with overflow in my shed. I have an enormous clip art library (Bottom
and middle 2 shelves to the far right) of which I use for some base illustrations, (always modifying into custom art.)

The bottom shelf holds the vintage printer clips, art catalogs and other miscellaneous
vintage art reference. The top right is my collection of rare sign-painter books. Signpainters were the original graphic designers.

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Meredith’s Library March 30, 2008

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Name: Meredith

Country: United States

About the library: This is the library side of our home office/library. All of our books are on these shelves, with the exception of my husband’s psychology textbooks, my writing references, and our packed away children’s books. This collection is the culmination of my English major, his English minor, and our general bibliophilia.

In addition to providing a home for our books, these shelves double as a jungle gym for our cats. I have to do some reshuffling/reorganizing, as evidenced by the empty shelf.

Look inside the library here:

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Brad’s Library January 22, 2008

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Name: Brad

Country: United States

About the library: This is about 10% of my books. I like to display nonbook items, such as an old radio, a fossil, and a bust of Mozart on the shelf with the books so that the bookshelves blend in with the room. My goal is to have a den with an old wooden desk placed in the center of the room surrounded by four walls lined  floor to ceiling with books.

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Michelle’s Library December 14, 2007

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Name: Michelle

Country: United States

About the library: I would probably have to take pictures of my entire apartment in order to show my entire library, but this picture shows my most number of bookshelves that are right next to each other.

Divided by genre, here you can see most of my “nonfiction,” but it’s not including antique books and anything that was purchased after November 1st. 🙂 My graphic novel collection is also there, albeit a little disorganized… And of course I’ll have to mention the turtle who finds his home underneath the philosophy and religion sections. Look Inside: (in progress)

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