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Lis’ Library August 19, 2008

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Name: Lis

Country: Australia

About the library: Here is my little library. It is housed in a old Victorian book case given to me by my mother, also an avid reader of various literature. I love Australian, British and American literature but also occasionally read some popular fiction. I gradually move the pottery collected around the world, as I add more books.

Library Picture:


Rodrigo’s Library

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Name: Rodrigo

Country: Portugal

About the library: The particular photo features Philosophy, Classical Studies, Anthropology, Art and Music books. The painting you see above the bureau (a 19th Century piece) is Dutch (19th Century, too); the tea table is Portuguese 18th Century in dark rosewwod; the Greek bust is a reproduction; the Greek vases on the bureau are reproductions mostly (very good ones – Museum certified – at that), but there is one that is authentic.

On the tea table you can see a small collection of 16th Century books chosen because of typography. The rest of the library contains books on Biology, Ethology, Psychology, Anthropology, History of Science and of Thought, Art, some important works on Physics and Mathematics, and diverse essays; the bulk is Biology, Anthropology, Sociology and Music. It results from the conjugation of my wife library and mine. We are both Professors, as were my two grandfathers and my father. This library will be dismantled in about two years, as we are moving to the country.

Library Picture:


Dazz’ Library July 18, 2008

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Name: Dazz

Country: Italy

About the library: I’m 23 years old and I live in Italy — I think this is the first submission from this country 😉 . I own mostly European literature, several art books of different crafts, monographies of European painters and drawings, philosophy and religion essays, publications of local geography and history, old books (some are more than a century old) and encyclopedias … I’m obsessed by books 😉 !

Library Picture:


Mohamad’s Library May 3, 2008

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Name: Mohamad

Country: Malaysia

About the library: I started collecting books at the age of 24 when I joined the Book Club during my university days y in United Kingdom in mid 1980s. I do not know the total numbers of books in my library right now and will try to catalog the books in my library if I have more free time. My collection include  Religious Books, Gardening, Cooking, Drawings, Language, Numismatic, Dicuss,  Project Management, Home  Decorating, Spa and Health, Engineering, Sport, Fitness, Computing, Architecture, Magazines on Interior Design and landscaping. Also story books such as Jeffery Archer, Sidney Sheldon and the like and many more.

Library Picture:


Cathe’s Library April 30, 2008

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Name: Cathe

Country: United States

About the library:
I have been building this library for many, many years and am quite proud of it. It currently takes up one entire wall of our living room with overflow in my shed. I have an enormous clip art library (Bottom
and middle 2 shelves to the far right) of which I use for some base illustrations, (always modifying into custom art.)

The bottom shelf holds the vintage printer clips, art catalogs and other miscellaneous
vintage art reference. The top right is my collection of rare sign-painter books. Signpainters were the original graphic designers.

Library Picture:


Mercè’s Library April 9, 2008

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Name: Mercè

Country: Spain

About the library: These are some of the shelves in our library. We have about 800 volumes, most of them US and British fiction.

Library Picture:


Luis’ Library

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Name: Luis

Country: Spain

About the library: This is my little library, well…, a little portion of my little library. I spend here all my time, all my life. Books, only books. A chaise-long, the world of my shelves, and a good book in front of me is all I need when I’m alone.

Look inside the library here:

Library Picture:

Luis send me a slightly different image of his library after this post. You can view the photo here.


Meredith’s Library March 30, 2008

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Name: Meredith

Country: United States

About the library: This is the library side of our home office/library. All of our books are on these shelves, with the exception of my husband’s psychology textbooks, my writing references, and our packed away children’s books. This collection is the culmination of my English major, his English minor, and our general bibliophilia.

In addition to providing a home for our books, these shelves double as a jungle gym for our cats. I have to do some reshuffling/reorganizing, as evidenced by the empty shelf.

Look inside the library here:

Library Picture:


Cristina’s Library January 28, 2008

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Name: Cristina

Country: Germany

About the library: I’d like to also share a picture with my small home library. It started with a few German books belonging to my husband. Then I brought more books from my country when I moved from Romania to Germany. With the time there arrived more and more books,  especially written in Romanian and art catalogues from the exhibitions we visited both together. For sure my library will continue to grow, as well as the reading hunger.

Library Picture:


Anna’s Library

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Name: Anna

Country: Greece

About the library: This is one of my home libraries it holds about one third of our books. It’s my favourite because it’s in the kitchen and I spend most of my time here, the chair which is slightly visible is where I sit to write my blog or do my homework. I love being surrounded by my books and I love exchanging using Bookmooch or Bookcrossing!

Look inside the library here:

Library Picture: