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Diana and Rodrigo Camacho’s Library July 18, 2009

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Name: Diana and Rodrigo Camacho

Country: Mexico

About the library: We are putting it together after five years of moving from one city to another (and countries as well). It looks like we have settled down now. Our library now includes only about 800 books mostly non-fiction. We love books and try to read them in their native language, so our library includes books in spanish, english, russian and some French as those are the language we can read…

Library Picture:

Diana and Rodrigo Library


Tracy’s Library

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Name: Tracy

Country: United States

About the library: My library is my comfort zone, holding books and objects that give me good feelings. Most of the books are focused on what it is to be human – psychologically and spiritually. I particularly like the information developed by Carl Jung and Joseph Campbell about symbols in culture, religions, and dreams. My fiction is fantasy and science fiction.

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Anita Ann’s Library August 19, 2008

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Name: Anita Ann

Country: United States

About the library: We are just starting to put our library together. These are eight of the nine bookcases we currently have. At this time most of our books are children’s or religious. It is a work in progress organizing them.

Library Picture:


Lis’ Library

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Name: Lis

Country: Australia

About the library: Here is my little library. It is housed in a old Victorian book case given to me by my mother, also an avid reader of various literature. I love Australian, British and American literature but also occasionally read some popular fiction. I gradually move the pottery collected around the world, as I add more books.

Library Picture:


Rodrigo’s Library

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Name: Rodrigo

Country: Portugal

About the library: The particular photo features Philosophy, Classical Studies, Anthropology, Art and Music books. The painting you see above the bureau (a 19th Century piece) is Dutch (19th Century, too); the tea table is Portuguese 18th Century in dark rosewwod; the Greek bust is a reproduction; the Greek vases on the bureau are reproductions mostly (very good ones – Museum certified – at that), but there is one that is authentic.

On the tea table you can see a small collection of 16th Century books chosen because of typography. The rest of the library contains books on Biology, Ethology, Psychology, Anthropology, History of Science and of Thought, Art, some important works on Physics and Mathematics, and diverse essays; the bulk is Biology, Anthropology, Sociology and Music. It results from the conjugation of my wife library and mine. We are both Professors, as were my two grandfathers and my father. This library will be dismantled in about two years, as we are moving to the country.

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Dazz’ Library July 18, 2008

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Name: Dazz

Country: Italy

About the library: I’m 23 years old and I live in Italy — I think this is the first submission from this country 😉 . I own mostly European literature, several art books of different crafts, monographies of European painters and drawings, philosophy and religion essays, publications of local geography and history, old books (some are more than a century old) and encyclopedias … I’m obsessed by books 😉 !

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Mohamad’s Library May 3, 2008

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Name: Mohamad

Country: Malaysia

About the library: I started collecting books at the age of 24 when I joined the Book Club during my university days y in United Kingdom in mid 1980s. I do not know the total numbers of books in my library right now and will try to catalog the books in my library if I have more free time. My collection include  Religious Books, Gardening, Cooking, Drawings, Language, Numismatic, Dicuss,  Project Management, Home  Decorating, Spa and Health, Engineering, Sport, Fitness, Computing, Architecture, Magazines on Interior Design and landscaping. Also story books such as Jeffery Archer, Sidney Sheldon and the like and many more.

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